lørdag, september 09, 2006

Long time no see

Long time since the last update here now. I have had 8 weeks of vacation - searching for (and finding) wonderful mountains and interesting orienteering. I will try to post some pictures and maps sometime when the days become shorter.

On the web, I have been busy making my orienteering site WorldofO.com even better. Also, I have worked quite a lot on the World Elite Runner profiles which are part of World of O. Furthermore, I have been making runner statistics from the worlds steepest race - "Stoltzekleiven opp" - which has about 2500 starters a year.

As a part of the "World of O"-page, I have also published a few articles there from the World University Champs and from the Norwegian Champs. I am very happy to see that these articles have had from 400 to 900 readers - that makes it worth it to write them!

Some statistics from the World of O:

  • Typical number of visits at the main pages each weekday: 1500-2000, depending on what is happening in the orienteering world. Somehwat more when there are championships - somewhat less in quiet periods. In the weekends, the number of visitors is a bit lower. The number of unique visitors is somewhat lower - 800-1000 a day.
  • Typical number of outgoing clicks to news stories: 1500-3000 each day, depending on how interesting stories people write;) Typically the number of clicks is a little bit higher than the number of visits.

  • All in all, numbers I am very satisfied with! Now more than 100 sites are included in World of O - which is a lot more than I planned for when I started this litte project around easter this year. Actually, the web site has had around 1000 visits a day or more since the first day it was released. That was unexpected!