lørdag, september 18, 2010

Short update

Looks like I don't get past one update a year here at the website, here is the 2010 update. Professionally, I am still working at CMR as a Research Scientist within acoustics and electromagnetics. I have just updated my public LinkedIn profile, and you can also follow me at my Twitter account for work, private, orienteering and cross country skiing - although I am not updating the Twitter accounts too often. As a hobby, I still maintain WorldofO.com and have also set up WorldofXC.com using the same principle. I am also working on the project orienteeringmaps.net along with Ivan Nagy, a project which we hope will lead to a book of the 101 Orienteering Maps you should run on before you die some time in the future. Based on my experience as a trainer in Varegg in 2008-2009 and the work I have been doing in the region earlier years, I set up the website o-training.net which is a wiki for orienteering technical training. I have also been working quite much on GPS analysis of orienteering training and races, and been helping the Norwegian National Team with GPS analysis on some training camps.